KAP vs. Medicalized IV Treatment

  • Enhanced therapeutic benefits: KAP combines ketamine therapy with a trained therapist for deeper exploration and improved outcomes.

  • Targeted psychological exploration: KAP enables patients to delve into underlying causes of mental health issues with guided support.

  • Contextual integration and support: Ketamine experiences are processed and integrated immediately within therapy sessions.

  • Tailored treatment plans: KAP offers personalized plans aligned with each individual’s unique needs and goals.

  • Emotional support and containment: Therapists provide emotional support and guidance during intense ketamine experiences.

  • Integration and long-term benefits: KAP focuses on integrating insights gained into daily life for sustainable effects beyond the session.

  • Holistic approach to healing: KAP acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit for comprehensive healing.

We Use A Non-Medicalized "Psychedelic Approach" to Ketamine Treatment

Before discovering Keter Briyut, I had undergone IV ketamine treatments, which proved effective for me. However, I find KB’s approach to be far more appealing. The administration of the medicine is gentle and comforting, devoid of any anxiety-inducing moments. I felt a profound sense of safety and support throughout the sessions. The opportunity to process and integrate the experiences that arise during these sessions has been immensely beneficial for me.” – Shlomo M, 

what makes us different

Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits:

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) combines the benefits of ketamine therapy with the expertise of a trained therapist. The integration of therapy sessions during ketamine administration allows for a deeper exploration of the patient's emotions, experiences, and thoughts, leading to enhanced therapeutic outcomes.

Targeted Psychological Exploration:

KAP provides a unique opportunity for patients to delve into the underlying causes of their mental health issues. The presence of a therapist enables individuals to explore their emotions and traumas in a guided and supportive environment, facilitating a more targeted and comprehensive psychological exploration.

Contextual Integration and Support:

Unlike IV ketamine therapy, KAP involves the integration of ketamine experiences within therapy sessions. This allows patients to process and integrate their ketamine-induced insights and experiences immediately, with the guidance and support of a therapist. The therapeutic relationship established between the patient and therapist contributes to the overall effectiveness of KAP.

Tailored Treatment Plans:

KAP offers the advantage of personalized treatment plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Therapists can adapt the therapy sessions to address the unique challenges, goals, and preferences of the patient. This customization increases the effectiveness of KAP by aligning the treatment with the patient's therapeutic journey. 

Emotional Support and Containment:

Ketamine experiences can evoke intense emotions and potentially uncover difficult memories. The presence of a therapist during KAP ensures emotional support and containment throughout the session. Therapists are trained to guide patients through challenging emotions, providing reassurance, empathy, and helping them make sense of their experiences.

Integration and Long-term Benefits:

KAP places a strong emphasis on integrating the insights gained during ketamine experiences into everyday life. Therapists work with patients to integrate these insights, develop coping strategies, and implement positive changes that can have long-term benefits. The integration process, facilitated by KAP, enhances the sustainability of the therapeutic effects beyond the ketamine session itself.

Holistic Approach to Healing:

KAP acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process. By combining ketamine therapy with psychotherapy, KAP offers a more holistic approach to mental health treatment. This integration allows patients to address not only their symptoms but also the underlying psychological, emotional, and spiritual factors contributing to their distress, leading to more comprehensive and enduring healing.


Traditional IV ketamine treatment is pharmacological. Treatment consists of getting an IV infusion over 40-60 minutes (usually alone), coming down, and then leaving. IV ketamine helps people and we have clients that have done it.  ​  Our experience shows that the KAP approach enhances a client's subjective treatment experience and results in transformative and meaningful outcomes.

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